Canadian-born Melanie Lacob has always had a love affair with clothes. Ever since she was little, her mom always dressed her in perfectly matching Esprit outfits. When she was eight years old, her parents convinced her to go to summer camp with the prospect of being able to choose her own clothes every day! By the mere thought of wearing her Betty Boop shorts whenever she wanted, Melanie was sold (and was voted best dressed by her fellow campers). Playing dress-up was her favorite pastime, which was made even more exciting by her nanny who was constantly sewing amazing costumes to add to her “costume box.” She even made matching pajamas for Melanie and her cabbage patch doll!

The youngest of 3 girls, Melanie was always sneaking into her sisters’ room to read Seventeen Magazine. As she got older, Melanie began developing her own sense of style. As a college student at FIT in New York City, Melanie began experimenting with crazy fashions and was often stopped by strangers who likened her look to Carrie from Sex and the City. Melanie began her own fashion line during her semester abroad in London, where she customized “I Love NY” t-shirts and sold them in Camden Town and at Portobello Market. Although her line didn’t last beyond the summer, she realized that fashion was a major part of her life. She began an internship with stylist Sarah Gore Reeves, where her first stint in the fashion world was for the cover of Vogue Mexico. Upon graduating as Valedictorian, Melanie moved to Los Angeles.

After a slight detour from the fashion industry, Melanie soon found her feet right back where they belong – in fashion. Her Editorial work has been featured in Entertainment Weekly, Vanity Fair, Fast Company, etc. She has also styled Ad Campaigns for a number of companies, including P&G, Oakley, Chase/United. She is best known for her work with Randy Jackson on American Idol (Seasons 10-13).